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You (the Netflix show) Review

Creepy, smart and ... relatable?

Netflix YOU review- Biography of a nobody

Let me please first clarify that what I mean by relatable. It is not that I think anyone watching is going to liken themselves to the stalker turned psychopath that we focus on... I just think that some of the inner dialogue, that is often spoken as sort of narration, is sometimes pretty on point to the situation. Especially when describing trenders, hipsters and the annoyingly rich. The fakery of it all.


As spoiler free as possible- though I am talking about 2 seasons.

You, a Netflix original series, follows Joe- a guy in love. The problem is his love is an addiction, he often fabricates a lot of details about a woman and once his mind is set he pursues her. With his stalking skills he acquires as much detail as he can before meeting them in as accidental way as possible. Once this meeting occurs, his knowledge of all that they like gives them little chance to resist him... or does it? What about the boy she has an on/off fling with? What about her over involved friends? Well. Joe has solutions.

Joe starts out as a creepy guy with an obsession, yet charming- almost caring- qualities, and quickly devolves into someone who is in too deep in need of some drastic problem solving. It is Joes internal dialogue with himself (Which we hear as narration) that gives the show its uniqueness. His internal dialogue goes from dark, to apt, to hilarious depending on the situation he has found himself in or has caused.

In many ways the show reminds me of Dexter. The differences being In Dexter the main character is a genius serial killer working in CSI. In this the main character Joe is a meticulous and violent protector of those he loves and see's himself as more an accidental bad guy. However the viewer see's him as more possessive and selfish, someone who will do anything to keep what he sets his eyes on.

With the above in mind I think at least once an episode I said out loud to my partner 'Wow he is a wierdo' or 'This is crazy! Surely it cant be this easy?'. However- after experiencing being stalked myself I know the mad amount of information people are be able to gather about you if you aren't careful online.

There are a few scenes which seem to work out in his favour against all odds and some which are completely unpredictable, I think that variation kept me watching, as just when I thought I knew what was going to happen... it didn't. It has also picked a fine line across its genres and walks them well.

I found the first season ended in the only way it really could and watched the second season eagerly thanks to a surprise after credits scene.

There are no scenes of sexual assault in the first season, though there are conversations and images along those lines in the second season, including a flashback to a very negative police interview, which may be triggering to a victim- so perhaps avoid if you need too.

The second season pushes the concept and we focus on a new character called Will... see what I did... and his internal dialogue. This time we have a much bigger group of people the stalker is involved with which results in even more unpredicted circumstances. This includes some absolutely hilarious and well delivered scenes in the penultimate episode and some really dark contrasts in the final episode- With some more shock and not so shock twists- setting up for more interesting change ups to the formula in the upcoming third season. May I just note that all of the acting is absolutely stellar but one character, Love, is absolutely standout. Award winning surely.

Overall the series covers the impact of childhood trauma and how important early intervention and positive role models are- Again- like Dexter. The impact of what all of the above can have on mental health and how important being honest and upfront to those around you is. The more each character is fake, lies or hides- the more in trouble they find themselves or cause trouble and trauma for others. In that respect a lot can be learned here. Most of all- honesty to self. Or you could just watch it anyway...

All in all... I look forward to season 3. Definitely worth a watch in my opinion, thought it is hard going for some of the crazed justifications the stalkers have and the look into such a warped psyche's.


Also- side note- the first season has a FANTASTIC transgender actress playing the role of her gender. Really happy to see higher budget productions diversifying their casting to give everyone a chance.

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