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Trying to be productive when ill.

I thought I had been ill last week.

Biography of a nobody feeling ill, possibly covid

That was nothing compared to how poorly Bee is right now.

Biography of a nobody day 37. February 6th 2021.

I though her cough was bad yesterday but now it is unstoppable. It sounds so rough and dry at the same time. She is describing sharp pains that are making her chest feel heavy. Well- now I am dreading that this could actually be covid, though her temperature is normal? Bee barely slept last night with the coughing- that in turn kept me up. I woke up feeling crap- obviously I awoke to my 3 year old in a hyper mood at 7:30... great. She had decided that she wanted to paint my nails again so I stuck my feet out of the duvet and continued to snooze for another 5 minutes whilst Alex attempted to paint my nails. My whole foot is now glittery blue. My fingers as well? When did she? Bee was coughing like mad still so I told her to get some rest, obviously, and I took the morning shift with Alex downstairs.

Bee's home test kit arrived by 11 so she set about torturing herself with that then I walked it to the nearest priority post box. It was nice to have a little walk out as I hadn't been feeling great mentally- probably the after effects of counselling- Walking helped, along with the chewing gum I have now taken to chewing to fight the fear with salivation. Read up on my counselling sessions if that makes no sense.

At mid day I made us all some lunch and then started to crash. The headache I had developed, plus a surfacing cough and the complete lack of sleep last night started to really knock me out. I had been having fun with Alex all morning and apart from my brief walk out Bee had managed to stay in bed to get some sleep. By 2:30pm I was falling asleep almost uncontrollably regardless of my headache- so I traded positions with Bee and got some sleep.

Alex woke me up around 5:30pm to tell me Bee had cooked us some dinner. I stumbled tired downstairs to some fresh cooked avocado chicken and a brew- I don't deserve this woman. We ate then all watched a Disney film together. Bee had organised a zoom call 'night out' with her mates from 7:30pm and had started to feel a little better, though her coughing was still crazy painful sounding, so I put Alex to bed with a story then set about playing on Greedfall. I am starting to really love this game. My initial impressions were that it was a Witcher knock off. That really is not doing it any justice at all- it pulls together some fantastic elements from games like the Witcher, but also from things like Mass effect with its followers and conversation trees. It has lots of individual style and interesting elements as well, the story has been quite interesting so far too, not borrowing from the above mentioned at all. The game is definitely deserving of a proper review from me once I finish it.

The guys signed on or some Rocket league around 9pm and we laughed at Sam's Journal entries of late. Sam has a journal of all the funny one liners or burns we say to each other whilst gaming and there have been some particularly spicy ones lately. It always has us nearly in tears as Sam read it whilst we waited for a tournament to start. We got a second place and signed out at around 12pm, which is far later than I really should have been on, but we were having fun and it genuinely made me feel worlds better. I went straight to bed afterwards and managed to fall pretty quickly to sleep.

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