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Sportsfriends Review

5 random mini games (one is hidden) each one crazier than the next.

These thumbnails really don't do me any favours. Probably because Dan made them.

Sports friends is a mix of mini games for you to play with friends locally (on the couch style). The mini game from me and Dan play in this video is called pole riders. I can't say much more than I say in the video. The controls make almost no sense whatsoever, which makes it hilarious, and you can play it with up to 4 players. The aim is to push the ball on the rope, with your pole, into the opponent goal. I would buy this collection just for this game as it is that much fun, especially after a couple of beers with a couple of mates. I first played this game in my early 20s when visiting a friend and I can confirm that 10 years later, and a re-purchase on the next generation of console, I can confirm it is still an hilarious wacky mess. Definitely a recommended play with friends, kids or the partner.

The video review on my channel PlayDieRepeat see's me and Dan fight it out for victory in a best of three competition. What the thumbnail tells you but the video doesn't is that I accidentally deleted the footage twice when we recorded our gameplay. Rookie error, though Dan is convinced it was just because he won. I wouldn't do that... Would I? Mwahaha.

Link to the video review here.

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