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Nidhogg Review

Multiplayer murder, platform style.

Dan and I created a channel called PlayDieRepeat to review different games we really enjoyed, or that had been suggested to us. We mainly wanted to review by playing them and for you to make your mind up. Just as the channel was taking off he had a kid, then covid struck. We plan on resuming recording these when is it is safe and legal. Keep your eye on here and sub to our YouTube channel to get notifications on there when we resume. Click here for a link to the video.

Nidhogg is a great 2 player on the couch fighting game. Both players have a sword and if you are hit by the sword, whether stabbed or hit by it when it is thrown, then you die and revive after a short respawn. The advantage of killing the other player is that you can then run past them to the next screen (follow the arrow to know which way). Your aim is to reach the far side of the map in the direction you are pointed, dodging pits and walls along the way. If you win there is a breakdown on kills/deaths etc which is a great way to retain some pride if you lost. Or double down on the failure. The game is simple but it works great on all platforms you can buy it on, a great time waster for a couple of mates, the kids or you and your significant other. Buy it on a sale and you won't be disappointed with its simple yet fun appeal.

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