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My long weekend

A busy week…

Biography of a nobody is tired

Compared to my previous 3 months.

Biography of a nobody days 64-68. March 5th-8th 2021.

A long weekend, barely deserved, well needed!

I feel a little disappointed in myself at exactly how much TWO DAYS at work have taken out of me. I suppose very few of us have been physically mobile since last March- I am certainly no longer used to spending 8-10 hours stood up like I was as a welder- but I have been at work 2 days this week…

Well, by the by. Friday, Saturday and Sunday blended into one for me. I had some nice walks with Alex and Rusty. Bee and I finished the Hunger Games films… to somewhat satisfaction. They were good, don’t get me wrong. My favourite character died brutally though. Two of my favourites… so yeah- you can’t have it all.

Home cinema night!

One of the highlights of the weekend was setting up a home cinema night by paying on Disney plus for the privilege to watch Raya and the Dragon- which turned out to be even better than I thought it would be.

£20 seems a lot at first- but you are getting to watch a film that you would otherwise need to go to the cinema to see. A cinema trip as a family would cost at least £20 on tickets, plus fuel and parking, plus snacks and drinks. I have a massive TV, we got some sweet and salty popcorn, privileged ourselves to some ice in our drinks and sat down and watched the film as a family. It was awesome, and the film really is very good, I was not remotely disappointed with my payment. It is like Toy story- in the way that it is watchable for parents too unlike so many kids films.

biography of a nobody home cinema night

Monday disappeared...

As always when working- the weekend seems too short. As I was off Monday my Sunday didn't disappear- but Monday did. I was nervous about work, missing Alex as I dropped her off in the AM, and tired... for no reason. I tried typing a little but my energy escaped me so I did some planning for work.

Writing for fun.

As I have said many times- I will keep up posting this blog for as long as I enjoy it- it is my escapism in a somewhat artistic and creative way. I really enjoy it- but I am not going to pressure myself to be writing whilst adjusting back to work. I am still writing bits and bobs in my spare time- so I will make sure to always do an update to my diary at the weekends or major events. I imagine my 'Random Ramblings' and 'Reviews' pages will see more updates from me if I am spending less time doing regular diary entries?

Have fun all!

I will be doing my final counselling session this week- so I am looking forward to writing up all that I learn for you to enjoy!

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