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My first collaboration!

A fellow blogger has read my content and has requested an interview!

Biography of a nobody collaboration interview

Super excited!

Biography of a nobody day 44. February 13th 2021.

Yesterday's counselling session was easily one of my most impactful so far. I feel in the last 24 hours I have managed to let more baggage drift away from me than I had in the last 12 months. That plus a wonderful request I have received from a fellow blogger to collaborate for an interview about my blog and men's mental health.


Reddit r/Blogging.

I have been pretty consistently touring the Reddit group r/Blogging since I started blogging. The community has helped me improve my blog tenfold by answering questions I have had and visiting my site and providing feedback. By early February I had started to become really happy with my blog as a whole (I am still open to feedback) and I started to notice newcomers to the group asking a lot of the same questions I had asked.

Biography of a nobody Learning

Since I had done a blog post on things I had learned since I started blogging (My Blogging research post) I thought it would be great to then pass that information to the r/Blogging group for newcomers to read. The post (link here) turned out to be pretty popular and new bloggers jumped in to thank me. People who have been blogging a while also contributed with more advice or micro corrections to what I had posted. One Redditor also requested that I do a collab with them on their site about men's mental health.

My first collaboration...

The site, AMALAwellness, is run by Aimee and focuses on improving wellness and quality of life by encouraging yoga, meditation and gentle exercise. There are online classes you can book and a cool blog to check out. Aimee discussed with me the plan for the collaboration as an interview about why I blog and how it has helped me- then she sent over some questions. I have been working on them for most of the day.

My Niche...

Answering the questions for the interview really got me thinking again about what exactly my aim is. I am writing to help myself- Since I am a guy and I am writing about my mental health I guess my niche is men's mental health... or is it? I have no experience in helping anyone else with their mental health- certainly not on a professional level- I am just documenting my own journey. My autobiography of an average person. In posting this though am I helping people relate to their own issues and encouraging them to seek help if they need it? I guess that is great if it happens.

My main focus though is me. At the minute anyway. As selfish as it sounds. In writing and being creative I am helping myself feel better, helping myself climb the ladder out of depression and disconnection whilst creating something tangible to evidence my progress. I have found that the more I write- the more I want to write and the more I want to write about. With that though- in the long run, I won't have a niche...

Lots to think about... I think I will end today's blog post there. Night all! -it is 12:15 and I am attempting to readjust my body clock ready for starting work in March... Ugh...

Biography of a nobody sleep

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