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My Collaboration with AMALAwellness!

To those who have not been following-

Biography of a nobody collaboration with AMALAwellness

I did my first collaboration over the weekend writing about Men's mental health.

Biography of a nobody day 47. February 16th 2021.

I finished my answers for the interview at around 3am last night/this morning after getting carried away and losing track of time. I do not feel great right now... Midday is still too early for me to be awake...

Obviously, Alex had no idea that I was up until 3am- and even if she did know... she is a three-year-old... she wouldn't care. She just wants to wake her Dad up at 6am and go downstairs to sing and dance and play with Rusty... Ugh. Lucky for me Bee went to bed super early last night so she was more than happy to take the early morning hours even though she wasn't feeling great. This is heading for the fourth week with her having a pretty serious cough. No, it isn't covid- don't worry, she has had three negative tests so far this month.

I am getting off track...


Aimee from AMALAwellness has looked over my answers to her questions and published the interview on her site- Check it out!!!!

I am super proud to have been asked to do this (So thanks again Aimee)- and as I said in the interview- if it reaches just one person and encourages them to seek help or be more open about how they are feeling then that is awesome. If you have not been following my blog long or at all up until this point then that interview pretty much summarises my journey to this point. Why I started blogging, how it has helped me and my mental health, what else I do to help with my mental health and what I would recommend to other people in need of help. All of it and more is in there so it is a good catch up if you don't fancy reading the 46 diary entries before this one...

Whilst you are on the AMALAwellness site- please also take the time to check out the other great content all about enhancing your personal wellness through things like yoga, meditation and exercise classes- you can also book classes to do all of the above from the safety of your own home!

Since I was up so late last night- and you are probably sick of reading about me today if you have followed that link!- I think I will end today's post there- thanks for reading!

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