Hair splinters?

Short update today, I am knackered.

Biography of a nobody day 8 Me in bed

Biography of a nobody day 8. January 8th 2021.

Managed to speak with Wayne today and one of my brothers (Mark)- they helped me sort a design out for something I am making for my Dad. Yes, as well as acting and modelling, Wayne is also a freelance designer and artist. Talent is not handed out evenly!

I had quite a laugh with my brother, we joked about our kids and engineering. I joked about my weak hand skin compared to when I rock climbed and when I was a full-time Welder. I cut my own hair the other day and actually got a hair stuck in my finger. That is quite a drop in skin strength from being able to dangle my entire body weight from a couple of fingers on some sharp stone to managing to impale myself with a hair. A HAIR. A hair splinter: a Splair? A Hainter? I don't know.

Anyway- I got my project finished so that was good.

Alex didn't go to nursery today because as we drove to drop Bee off at work she said she didn't feel well then let out a cough. ALARM BELLS. She also said she had a tummy ache and headache. I thought a little cough and her saying she felt unwell was enough reason to keep her home in the current circumstance. I had no idea a 3-year-old could fake being ill!

On the way home I called my Mum. Alex is massively fond of my Mum, or Nanny as she calls her, and so I thought it would cheer her up. The next thing I hear from Alex in the back of the car is:

“Daddy I don't feel poorly anymore. I feel all better. Can we go see Nanny?”

That made me suspicious, but again, who knew 3-year-olds would fake illness? We then went home and she proceeded to laugh along and sing to Paw Patrol without a care in the world. No mini eggs for her today. She is definitely not poorly she just wanted to play with me all day. I'm not complaining- we had loads of fun!

Bee got home around 4 pm and she brought home a scratch card and the great news that she now works from home on Mondays! We didn’t win big on the scratch card, but a lay-in on Mondays is far better anyway.

The evening went as it should. We had dinner, watched some TV, played some games, read the little one a story for bed and then cuddled and chatted in bed ourselves. It's 9:42 pm and I am in bed early for the first time in what feels like a month. I am going to therefor embrace the ability to sleep and post this via the Wix app on my phone! Technology is awesome.

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