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Working on my car.

Today was another good day. Too many of those and it may turn into a good week!

Biography of a nobody day 6 working on my car

Yeah... I know it needs a clean.

Biography of a nobody day 6. January 6th 2021.

I took Alex to nursery, then got back to my brother Rob's place and put the car up on the lift. Rob (part of my support bubble) had a personal appointment at 10 so whilst he was gone I got the car up on the lift, got my wheels off and waited for him to return and tell me the damage.

I figured there was something wrong with the brakes (as the sounds I had heard suggested) but I am not massively car savvy so needed an expert. Cars have become a lot more complicated since my Peugeot 106 or 1989 MR2. I couldn’t even find the battery on this car without the internet but I need to change it tomorrow so I can ask the garage.

My brother returned, got into some workwear, and before I felt I had described the noise he had diagnosed a wishbone issue, a bearing issue (on different wheels to the one I thought broken) and the source of the noise. The noise was caused by a lump of dirt/rust from the disk that had wedged between itself and the pads.

So... at least that was a simple solution.

The other issues were just emerging but I will get on them whilst I am off work. I just needed to make sure the car was safe for my daughter and for a special pick up on Saturday!!!

It felt great to do a little work around the car and to spend some time doing something that somewhat resembled socialising as well.

By the time Rob had finished inspecting my car, I needed to grab Alex from Nursery. Alex and I headed home and I decided cooking was beyond me tonight so I ordered fish and chips.

The evening was nice, I cuddled and chatted with Lexi as she danced and played. After putting Alex to bed I then went downstairs for a little bit to game with some friends online.... rocket league.... don't hate the player.

The guys tuned out at around 12:30 am after we lost a tournament- we chatted about our plans for the future for a while whilst we were on. We have all been encouraging each other to push our alternative income streams (or start one) with so many careers disappearing or changing due to covid its a better time than ever to try and diversify. With that in mind:

Ginn's has an art page on Instagram- he is a freelance digital designer by day- but by night he is really pushing his traditional art. Check him out here.

Xander on the other hand is another professional designer and he is showing off his skills Here demonstrating how to grow your social media accounts. .... if you have seen how many people are following me on Instagram you would know that I’m not taking his advice.

I then fell asleep without actually writing up today... so... here we are- a day late.

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