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Taking on Wall Street.

Wallstreetbets/sesame street. Cant tell which is more educational.

Well I know which one I would allow Alex to watch... They anagram/misspell trader a lot on WSB.

Biography of a nobody day 31. January 31st 2021.

Soo... I ended up staying up pretty late looking into what the hell a hedge funk was, what shorting and naked shorting is... I thought I knew a lot of the jargon by now but I really didn't. I mean just getting your head around how people make money from a stock they are trying to kill is complicated enough. Anyway, I completely fell down the research rabbit hole and even though I am knackered I understand it all a bit more. I understand it enough to donate to the cause anyway- I have joined a stock/crypto exchange called Revolut as they are pretty much the only one who still offer the ability to buy Gamestop (GME) and AMC Entertainment. I put in a pre-order last night/this morning. a small amount in the scheme of things but every little helps- I am seeing it as dead money so I don't attempt to seek a return and sell it.

When I finally peeled myself out of bed Bee had cleaned up the house- she had been on a mad one. I have it sometimes where I just sort of start and cant stop until everything in the house is a right and clean as I can make it. We both then just relaxed into finishing You. I made us a cheeky non-diet style lunch and dinner and that was pretty much our entire afternoon. The final episodes of You I felt were getting predictable... And then I was surprised. Not particularly by what had happened but how the main characters internal dialogue changed after a particularly mad little sequence of events. It is like you could see the difference between crazy and not knowing it and pre-meditated evil for the first time. Again, my internal rollercoaster was half wanting him to die or be punished the other him get away with it... I don't know... It finished in a satisfying way to set up for quite a shake up for season 3 which is just around the corner.

The evening was nice and I found my bed at a pretty reasonable time considering the norm for me over the last couple of months. I need to re-found my routine or this time off is for naught. I have actually felt pretty good today. In no small part because of my counselling or my amazing partner just letting me work on it at my own pace. Helping guide but certainly not pressing. I have to be up early to drop Bee of tomorrow- then an eye test at 12. Sleep time for me. 12:29. Not bad.

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