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Wash the pots.

Washing the pots... who knew.

Biography of a nobody washing the pots

Biography of a nobody day 27. January 27th 2021.

I don't have much to shout out about today. I woke up groggy, as has been the norm for the past week, but a short morning drive helped me feel better. Could have been the caffeine in the coffee or it could be that I am out of the house? Either way- I got home and realised I must be good internally as my body set about washing pots rather than seeking the sofa to melt into. I find that is a really good sign for how much I am going to be able to do for the rest of the day.

I moved from the pots to sorting myself some breakfast and watched 20 minutes of an episode of The Expanse. I only watched 20 minutes because I had an urge to get up and write- I knew washing the pots immediately was a good sign.

I wrote for most of the day only breaking away from he computer occasionally to play with Rusty or make a drink. I am not going to suggest the writing was particularly inspired or inventive- much like my diary entries- but at least it was productive. Time disappeared and before I knew it the day was over. I made shepherd pie, love it, then I watched some episodes of a series called You. You is about a stalker in New-York. At least it seem's that way at first, of course these things escalate. The writing is good, so is the dialogue- they seem to really be trying to humanise a psychopath- in many ways it is reminding me of Dexter. Though less about CSI and serial killer's more about Obsession and Stalker's.

Time hit around 9:30pm so I messaged the guys to see if they were up for some Rocket league. The banter this evening was a vast improvement over our morbid chat the other night, due to feeling ill. When the guys left around 11:30 I knew I probably should have followed suit or exercised, but I didnt- I decided to turn on Greedfall for a bit of solo gaming until 12:00. I really wanted to do todays entry in this diary or exercise but I had started to feel a little more ill again so let myself off for the evening and went to bed a little deflated. I think part of that is because I have an online meeting with my manager and a HR representative tomorrow about my progress and how I am feeling. I just get the immense internal feeling I have let them down, or I am not doing enough. I knew if I kept on that train of thought I would feel disconnected again, so I put on some relaxing music to distract me then fell to sleep.

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