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biography of a nobody ill day reading

I wish I had that many books at home! ... one day...

Biography of a nobody day 26. January 26th 2021.

I feel ill still but MUCH better than I did yesterday. I woke up, made Bee and I a hot drink for the drive then set to de-snowing the car. Easily 3-4 inches on top of the car and was not looking forward to the roads since it was -4 last night. I dropped Bee off with no hassle though the lane to her work was ice/snow covered, not great in a rear wheel drive... yet fun at the same time. Who am I kidding, I love driving in the snow and ice. Yeah it is dangerous but it is fun. The black coffee had me extra awake even if the car losing traction a couple of times hadn't, so it was fine.

When I got home I let Rusty out, wrapped him in a blanket on my knee then set to work catching up on my diary. I filled in the remainder of the evening Friday when I had started to feel ill, then I wrote out Saturday, Sunday and Monday. I had left myself something to build off... 1 sentence for Saturday when I felt the worst, a paragraph for Sunday, a decent chunk of text for Monday. It still took me about 3 hours.

By lunch time I was feeling a little worse for wear again so I made a meal, washed the pots then settled down with my book. I had started re-reading The Stormlight Archive before Christmas- before I got signed off. I had maintained my pace through the first 2 books but got signed off half way through the 3rd so sort of stopped reading. I had resumed it the other night when I couldn't sleep and found myself craving to get it done so I could start the 4th- Which I have not read yet. The 4th in the series released a week or so before Ready Player 2 in November... I think I got literary overload as I needed to reread Ready Player 1 again as well. I need to reread it as it has quite a few, subtle maybe, differences to the film and I watched the film more recently. That left me with around 5000 pages to consume, as I will be reading The Stormlight Archive first, before attempting to start Ready Player 1. Anyway, my day... I read The Stormlight Archive and played with Rusty every couple of chapters until it was time for me to pick Bee up from work. Not an overly taxing afternoon. Bee had a stressful day and I certainly hadn't, It was most certainly also my turn to cook, so when we got home home Bee went for a shower and I started cooking. We chilled and watched the first episode of Snowpiercer season 2, that aired today, and upon discovering that Netflix are releasing the episodes weekly rather than all at once as usual we both... fell to sleep. Incredible sleep. I woke up around 1 am, put Rusty away and went to join Bee in bed. She had already gone upstairs and didn't want to wake me as she knew how hard I had found it to get to sleep the last few days.

Once I settled in bed... I couldn't sleep again. Why? I have no idea. I felt so tired walking up the stairs. I felt even more tired sat on the toilet brushing my teeth. I barely got my clothes off without falling over because I am tired... and its dark... why? In my body's defence I have napped from 8PM... but still. After around 20 minutes tossing, turning and sniffling I remembered that I only had around 50 pages of book 3 remaining. I finished the book feeling extremely satisfied and pumped for book 4 tomorrow then... I fell to sleep. How was getting excited for the next book a key? Someone who doesn't read will probably say 'because you are imagining being excited about something boring'... probably. No Idea.

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