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Falling asleep on the sofa.

Ugh... So ill. *read in clogged nose voice*

Biography of a nobody sleeping on the sofa

^I wish my sofa was that long...


Biography of a nobody day 25. January 25th 2021.

The sleep I attempted to get did not want to come. I got into bed last night at around 12, respectable for me, and felt like crap. My nose was runny and ticklish. My throat felt like I had been eating low grit sandpaper. My head felt like an old diesel engine trying to start on an icy morning. I felt like my ears were blocked but I could hear everything so loud at the same time. I could hear the radiators... Need to turn those off. I could hear the wind outside and the bathroom fan occasionally being spun by it. I could hear Rusty unsettled in his crate. The cracks of my bed as I breathed. After 42 long minutes of sniffing and unsettled attempts at rest I decided to go back downstairs.

I lay in the foetal position on the sofa covered under the blanket. I had tissues to keep wiping my nose which was nice, but I replaced the sounds of the upstairs with downstairs. Rusty's movements were now louder. The kitchen seemed alive with rattles and drips. My own breathing was raspy and annoying. The fridge seemed loud. I knew I wasn't going to sleep.

Almost an hour had passed before I settled into the idea I wasn't going to get to sleep. My eye's were now painful, probably from being open so wide, and my nose... the tickling has stopped but now it was sore. I decided gaming or TV would be too engaging and likely to wake me even more... is that possible? I decided some reading. 1 chapter... 3 chapters... 5 cha... It is 5am. I had drifted off, finally, but the falling part of falling asleep had re-woken me as the book hit my lap. I put it down after checking the time, wrapped myself in the sheet and fell to sleep with a sniff.

I awoke to Rusty barking to be let out for his morning wee... 8AM.... Snow day. That was about the only thing I thought, I let Rusty out, then I stumbled upstairs.

After waking up I spent the rest of the day on the sofa feeling like I shouldn't be this ill when I haven't been anywhere to catch anything. All I could think was I had caught something from Alex that wasn't really effecting her. She had a sniffly nose last week. I gamed for an hour with Sam and Dan. Dan also wasn't feeling great so I am sure Sam absolutely loved the feeling sorry for ourselves level of banter we had going on. I went to bed around 12.15, feeling a little better, and luckily managed to get to sleep. I think I needed it.

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