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A good Monday.

A pretty solid start to the week. Let’s do this!

Biography of a nobody daughter and dog

^these two literally love each other^


Biography of a nobody day 18. January 18th 2021.

My sign off period ends today and it has me stressed. I received a call from a colleague over the weekend that did anything but set my mind at ease for a nice transition back into working. I have not been off long all in all, 4 weeks. I know that is a lot of time in one hand, but since I had no furlough or lockdown being a key working I have appreciated the escape from the constant pressure Covid adds to your day. I needed some time from work for other personal reasons anyway. I have had a lot go on outside of work in my personal life. Things most people never have to experience and I am glad of that. I am sure I will expand on that at some point but for now I am going to call my Dr and request a short extension to truly get my head back in the game for work. I feel much better in myself and although I do not feel 100%, I think work may well help me re-find myself as I have never been without it before.

On to happier things, today I get to pick up the light of my life! Alex has been in nursery today so I get to go pick her up. One of the best feelings ever it getting to the school pick up and her seeing me, shouting “DADDYYYYY” then running as fast as she can into my arms. It never fails to put a smile on my face. Whilst working my way up to that part of my day I have been tidying the house. I had a great day yesterday so today was nice and relaxing. There weren’t may pots to do and so a lot of the day for me was spent playing with Rusty and excitedly waiting to get Alex.

I went and picked Alex up and when we got home Rusty went mental for her. That was good as Alex’s next words after running to me shouting “DADDYYY” were “Where’s my Rusty puppy??”. The rest of the evening was spent listening to her play and giggle with Rusty as various Pixar films played in the background. I cooked a lovely meal for us, I am leaving the pots until the morning. Must remember to hang the washing out to dry before bed.

I put Alex to bed with a story around 8PM and I decided a little gaming would be nice, me and the guys called for a night off Rocket league so we could work on our separate things tonight. That is nice, but I dont feel like writing too much tonight so I have a host of single player games to bite into. I still need to platinum trophy Kakarot and Death Stranding too. Nah, I feel like perhaps some light levelling on Octopath Traveler, a great new game I have on the switch.

I played until around 12 when I heard little steps above me, that is Alex out of bed. When I got upstairs she was sat on her potty but she started coughing. Then just didn’t really stop. Nearly 10 minutes she coughed for, to the point her eyes were streaming and her throat was dry. Obviously this is a worry given the pandemic. I got her some juice and meds and settled her into bed. She was still quite panicked though so I have pulled out a spare blanket and pillow and I now type this whilst lay on the floor next to her bed trying to get comfortable.

She fell asleep after 15 to 20 minutes of being restless and luckily I didn’t fall asleep typing on my phone or my spine would be a hassle in the morning. I am now back in my bed, my door and Alex’s doors are open in case she wakes up again.

She woke up again for a little bit. Ugh, I am going to feel like crap in the morning.

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