Why set an anniversary date?

Cant believe it has been a year... or there abouts.

Biography of a nobody anniversary puppy

I took the above photo whilst I was writing this post on my phone.

Biography of a nobody day 17.

One of the worst things about an anniversary is forgetting it. Luckily, Bee and I have the ideal solution. Neither of us know our anniversary. It was some time in January, I am pretty sure late on, but since that isn’t exactly science we just figured we can pick a random weekend in January each year. This year it is this weekend. Today, to be precise.


We don’t hold many tradition’s but one we hold onto firmly is a recreation of the first meal I cooked for her. She was noticeably nervous because I had invited her to my house to stay so I wanted a way to ease the tension. We decided we could shop together and cook together on that first night in but when we actually got to the shops I could see Bee didn’t want the pressure of cooking me a meal at my place. So I took charge and went all manly. Of course, the manliest part of what I did was the taking charge part. The meal was anything but manly. If she wanted quick and easy to cook, well I spent the latter half of my teens living alone- I could do cheap and easy. There was 1 spanner in the works though... Bee... was a vegetarian... or vegan... or... well I really didn’t know the difference at this stage. All I knew was fish fingers or chicken in a bag wasn’t going to cut it.

I decided upon pies and potato smiley’s. She could have a Veggie or vegan pie, I could have steak, and we both share the smiley’s. Win win.

I could see her ease up and almost let out a chuckle when I surprised her with our culinary adventure of an evening at the checkout. She had gone to look for some toiletries she had forgotten in her overnight bag whilst I hunted out our meal. When we got home the relaxation of normal first evenings together rules happened again. I went upstairs to slip into something more comfortable... this wasn’t some sort of male version of lingerie... or maybe it was. It worked. I put on my avengers pj bottoms, my wolf foot slippers and my overly large neon pink bathrobe. Women’s bathrobes are so much comfier. She again noticeably relaxed further when I presented her my ensemble. We then laughed and talked the night away without worrying about saying something stupid or doing something stupid. I had pretty much topped that list already so what was there for either of us to be nervous of? The night turned into a couple of nights, maybe into a long weekend. By the end of it we were officially dating... but on which day... on which weekend... we have no idea.


So back to today. The recreation of this epic first meal. We now hold onto it for a different reason as we are entirely comfortable in each others company. The less time prepping and cooking- the more time for... more adult entertainments...

Only one issue. At 4pm on Sunday we started to get hungry and craving our Lazy meal. We didn’t have the pies. We didn’t have the smilies. We live in a pretty rural town in the middle of nowhere... everywhere was closing. I rushed out the house to get to Sainsbury’s. Closed. That left the express shop where I was as unlikely to find potato smilies and pukka pies as I was to find a Rolex on the floor outside. However, much as our anniversary tradition- I took charge, I adapted.

This evening we had tinned spaghetti hoops on potato waffles with some grated cheese and chilli flakes. In the case you chefs reading are jealous of my internal cookbook... I know a thing or two about teaching, drop me a message. Strangely eating food I wouldn’t allow Lexi to eat was actually amazing, and Bee loved it too. Easter eggs are now flooding all shops, since its the next cash in after Christmas, so I got us a cheap Cadbury’s egg each for desert. We then started a show called the Expanse under recommendation and fell asleep cuddling. Awesome evening.

Looking forward to next year where I plan on making toasties... as long as I remember the bread.

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