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It is like life in HD.

I woke up clear headed and ready for the day.

It is strangely rare for me to feel really clear headed in the morning. The groggy blurriness that accompanies my state of mind late has become that much the norm that I clearly recognise a normal feeling morning. It feels amazing. The only thing I could liken it too if you are struggling to understand is when I first discovered that I needed glasses. I had been waking up with headache for months, years even, and someone suggested I may be struggling with my eyes. I went to the opticians and the annoying catchphrase from the laser eye surgery comes to mind 'it is like life in HD'. After a couple of weeks of settling into wearing my glasses, I still get smudges on them ALL THE TIME, the headaches went I woke up clear headed. It felt amazing. That is how I felt this morning. Regardless of the fact I stayed up until 4AM. Regardless of the fact I spent half the night on the sofa and ate my weight in takeaway. I still felt amazing.


Biography of a nobody day 16. January 16th 2021.

I got up around 10AM and immediately went downstairs to let Rusty out of his cage. I was super happy to see he hadn't messed in his crate and in fact he wasn't even awake yet. He had spent much of his evening napping on me and playing with toys. Knowing I would be up late I made sure he had a chance to relieve himself before I put him away for the night. The plan in the long run is to not close the crate at night but at the minute he chews EVERYTHING so it is too dangerous. Probably too costly too!

He went straight to his puppy pad for his morning pee and poop which was awesome, the positive reinforcement is working (Pavlov, you legend). A little treat when he does it in the right place is paying off. Then before I even attempted sorting any breakfast for myself I decided to tidy up. I tidied the living room, washed the pots, hoovered up. It felt quite relaxing. I then sorted a brew and some Wheetos and watched a couple more episodes of Disenchantment on Netflix. By 11AM I sat at my computer and I just wrote. I wrote until about 3PM. I stopped because Rusty deserved some attention and I needed some lunch, but it was great. That was the longest my mind has stuck to something without distraction for weeks. I then set Xcode installing, as I have decided I want to again play at making apps, and sat watching some training videos on YouTube with my late lunch.

I woke up at 7PM... turns out the app programming and coding videos were super boring. Who would have guessed. I need to be making alongside watching I think. I then spent some time making an account for Biography of a Nobody on all the popular social media sites like Facebook, twitter, instagram (had that a while) and TikTok. I regret the last one the most. I deleted TikTok ages ago because it is a MAJOR time sink. I then watched stupid video after stupid video until luckily I got a text which made me realise 45 minutes had passed and I hadn't achieved anything.

The text was a code for a zoom chat with Dan and Sam. This evening we decided that rather than playing some rocket league we would zoom call and work on our separate businesses. A productive evening with some quick quips and humour. Dan has finally decided on a business name and Sam was working on his Logo with is great. I wrote a couple more posts for this site, some reviews of games. They were actually mainly just links to videos me and Dan recorded together before Covid for our YouTube channel PlayDieRepeat: Link here.


The guys signed off about 15 mins ago (12:30AM) and now I have written this I plan to perhaps play games on the switch in bed for maybe half an hour. Maybe I shouldn't, but I want to. A really good day today. More of these please.

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