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Puppy therapy.

One thing, it's harder to be down with a puppy around.

Biography of a nobody puppy and snow

Also, where is all the snow?? It's winter!!!

Biography of a nobody day 12. January 12th 2021.

Having a puppy is great. It's not that I don't have worries today, its more that I don't have time to worry about anything between picking up a pissing dog and writing blog entries or reviews on here. It is like having a child except you cant put a nappy on a dog so it just craps on whatever it likes NEXT to where it's supposed to. It has been hilarious to be fair. I am not expecting him to learn anything too quickly and he has been really good.

I have managed, around all the above, to be quite productive. I have sorted out my counselling sessions which is a stress off my head. I keep worrying that admitting these various crises have taken a tole on me would in some way make someone think that it affects my ability to parent. It does not at all, but I will always worry someone thinks that. Sat in a courtroom waiting to see if a collection of strangers know which way custody should sit after a divorce is an experience I never want again. I would wish it on no one. I knew what they were going to say, the paperwork had been drawn up and agreed upon outside the courtroom, but that didn't stop me having a moment of terrifying worry. That single moment where I could have lost everything because a stranger decided it. Obviously things went as they should so I wish that terrifying moment hadn't impacted my brain the way it did.

Anyway... lets not get lost down that rabbit hole of negative thoughts. Today was really nice. I have now destroyed the Pokemon champion and caught the legendary Zam..e... The shield one. As well as the productive things I have done mentioned above. I AM THE CHAMPION. ALL HAIL. My ego was put into check by A centaur in Zelda. All is good.

I smashed the takeaway whilst finishing off a series called Forever. I am still not sure what I think of it to be honest. I don't think it knows it genre, so got lost not really pushing any of them which ultimately lead to it being pretty boring. It had some funny moments, some touching moments, some interesting moments and finished in a way that would lead me to attempt to watch a second season if there is one. It has resigned itself to background TV though.

Biography of a nobody watching Forever

It is a shame as both of the main actors are brilliant in other things: From Brooklyn 99 to Bridesmaids.

I then had a more constructive evening with Dan and Sam as we met up on zoom and each worked on our side hustles.

Night all!

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