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Pokemon champion, here I come!

Relaxing day. Pups and all.

Biography of a nobody Rusty puppy

Today was a nice day, considering. Considering how often I touched ^his^ poop.

Biography of a nobody day 11. January 11th 2021.

I didn't need to leave the house super early, I just needed to get Alex to nursery on time.

I dropped Alex off at nursery, who did NOT want to leave her puppy, headed to the shop for some essentials like milk, bread... chocolate. Then head home.

I had a grand day laid out consisting of writing, maybe a little gaming, calling to book in my counselling. I didn't do any of them. I continually followed Rusty around on poop and wee patrol then missed Alex and started to worry about work next week so I picked up my switch and barely put it down until lunch. I got another couple of gyms out the way on Pokemon (champion here I come!)

Whilst eating lunch I put on a couple more episodes of Truth Seekers, which I must say has some really touching moments between the comedy horror. It really is quite good, I hope they make another season- there are only 8 episodes.

The day continued, I watched Rusty go on his explorations around the house and played some more Pokemon. I watched the latest episode of Attack on Titan too, it seems to finally be picking up this season. The 'setting of the scene', that each season has gone through, is finally over and we are getting into the good stuff.

I also gave Rusty his first bath today. He is so fluffy that he seemed to shrink to half the size. This made his massive ears and un-proportionally large feet seem even bigger, which was super cute.

Around 10 pm I signed in for some more games with the guys whilst we chatted over the day's happenings. I had face-timed Dan earlier in the day for him to meet Rusty, so that was cool.

Rusty yapped even less this evening after being put in his crate, I am super impressed by how fast he is picking stuff up. Like his poo. In his mouth. Immediately after doing it. How is he so damn quick with that? and why is that one of the few things they pick up from their mum?

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