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Meet our new Pup, Rusty.

A new dog, a new day!

Biography of a nobody day 10th. January 10th 2021.

First full day with our newest family member, Rusty. Alex absolutely loves him, they have been playing together most of the day. Last night he yapped a little whilst he was in his crate but that lasted no more than 5 mins. Rusty really seems to be settling in though. I am already getting him to guide himself over to the puppy pads in the corner of the living room when he needs a wee or poo. He has been close a couple of times but when he scored we have given him a treat. Hopefully, some pavlovian positive reinforcement will work wonders.

My day has mostly been too full of distractions to worry that today is my last full day with Alex before she goes back to her Mums for a week. I know that next week won't go as slowly as those weeks normally do since I will be attempting to stop Rusty chew everything that exists in the house. There he goes as I write this sentence, running past me into the kitchen with his puppy pad.

As I type I remember that next week is also my last week of officially being signed off work, which isn't making me feel great. I am frustrated that I required being signed off in the first place, and I am also worried about going back to work and being how I was before I was signed off. Stressed, anxious, paranoid, frustrated. I was not signed off work particularly for how I was feeling relating to work, strangely enough, more for a series of unfortunate events that befell my life last year that my brain can't seem to process. Probably partly because my job is so involved. I do miss that in engineering I could stay angry at work, be frustrated and process my thoughts under my welding mask. Whereas now I need to smile, motivate and engage with everyone all day. I started this career because that is what I wanted more of- socialising and human engagement. That is fantastic when you are feeling ok and you don't have a lot to process.

Back to today. Today I started watching a series called 'truth seekers' whilst Alex watched paw patrol on her kindle and ate her lunch. She has spaghetti, so I knew I had 20 to 25 minutes. The series is basically 'most haunted' but with a Simon Pegg and Nick Frost Twist. Nick Frost has taken the lead in this one as a guy called Gus who investigates the paranormal whilst on his way around the country to fit wifi hubs or repair/improve peoples signal. The first episode was full of enough humour, intrigue and joke horror that you have come to expect from the pair's film making so I decided to watch another couple of episodes after I had put Alex to bed. There are some really touching moments along with the comedy horror, I would definitely recommend a watch (so far)!

Biography of a nobody watching Truth Seekers

late evening I signed on to rocket league for a tournament or two with the guys. I told them about the show and Sam updated me and Dan with his progress with a girl he likes, whilst Dan updated me and Sam with his progress on an anime called Black Clover. Black Clover is an anime by the team who made Naruto (Are making Boruto) and you can tell- there are a lot of similarities. Best friend/rival is naturally talented, the main character is stunted and a generally disliked nobody. Everyone has an individual talent/skill that is theirs alone. Don't get me wrong, the formula works, I love it- but it does make it sometimes predictable. Dan has actually now overtaken me, and he has told me to hurry up because the story is heating up again!

When the guys went around 12 I decided rather than writing, which would have been productive, I wanted to play on the switch for a bit. This is partly because I am down that Lexi is going back to her Mums tomorrow, partly because talking to Dan reminds me of his youtube channel where he opens Pokemon cards... So I get an urge to play Pokemon. I completed another gym then went to bed satisfied with my Pokemon progress but unsatisfied of my blog progress. So I filled it in again... extremely late, whilst half falling asleep. So I hope that the above makes sense.

Biography of a nobody playing pokemon shield

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