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Help to avoid reminders of Trauma...

Reliving something horrible or just being reminded of it is very rarely a good thing, especially when you are unprepared for it.

Biography of a nobody does the dog die

Do you worry about watching certain TV shows or films? Or maybe you are worried about reading certain a book a friend has recommended- I have been put on to a website that may be able to help.

Does the dog die?

The website is called 'does the dog die' and as you may have guessed it- it can tell you whether or not any furry friends suffer in any book, film or tv-series that you type into the search bar.

It isn't just for that though!

I am not a fan of animals dying, who is, but it wouldn't stop me from enjoying that piece of media- especially if the death is constructively related to the story. Certain films obviously spring to mind when I am thinking about that subject- obviously, I won't mention them in case you have not seen the film- but you get the idea.

What I DO hate is 'shaky cam' filming. Too much of it and I feel majorly sick. Well, this website identifies whether or not it features.

My partner cannot watch films with anything resembling Zombies. The site tells you if they feature- let's be honest, 90% of everything made after 2005 seems to.

Obviously, they are more personal annoyances and do not relate to any trauma for me- but the website is very useful if you do experience PTSD, are sensitive to certain things happening, or just don't want to see it in media you enjoy. Sometimes- it is just knowing that it will happen so that you can mentally prepare- but in some cases, you may wish to completely avoid the media altogether.

Serious things such as Assault, sexual assault, murder, drug-taking, sex, self-harm and types of suicide are just a small number of the things identified. The site also has links to help services if you are affected by any of the issues you see in the list.

It is also good for parents or educators to check what is in a book, film or series if your kids or learners want to experience it. It has become a habit of mine when I recommend a film, series or book to anyone that they check on this site to make sure they are ok reading it.

It would take far too long to write here all the things that the website covers- so please go to and type something into the search bar and try it for yourself.

I hope that helps!

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