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A container home dream.

Just a side note: Having a puppy is like having a baby.

Biography of a nobody container home

This picture will make sense if you read the day's thoughts...

Biography of a nobody day 33.

There are a lot of similarities between a new born and a puppy. The main one being that no one tells you the worst parts of having either. When getting ready to have a baby no one tells you that you are likely to have baby sick projected into your mouth. No one tells you about the scary variations of consistency and colour of baby poo and the distance that it can be fired... and why it's important you know the differences... not the distance bit. Well- no one told me that I would be snipping the hair from around my puppy’s arse to prevent him covering it in crap then wiping it across the wall. It is like people pretend that “lack of sleep” is the worst part of being a new parent and toilet training is the worst part about having a puppy. Well, that does such, but what is wrong with you all.

Anyway. That is getting well ahead of myself- the above happened this evening.

After dropping Bee at work, and Alex at nursery, I came home, washed the pots from last night, then set about writing. I wrote... all day. I think I sorted one load of washing, continually checked how Gamestop and AMC were performing, played with Rusty a bit... but 90% of my day I just wrote. I wrote down my opinions on the series You on Netflix. I edited/finished my blog posts for the 3 previous days. I got some other posts prepped. It was a really good day. My positive state of mind continues to improve and I don’t really know what to thank for it? I think trying to set myself into a healthy routine, including a decent sleep pattern, giving myself something good to focus on and having a plan again has helped.

The routine is- don’t sit and embrace escapism all day. Yes it helps me escape from how crap I feel but I also escape from being able to recover properly. So I am learning to enjoy gaming and Tv as escapism in a healthy routine again not just my entire routine being based around being able to escape. The plan that is helping me feel better as well... well it is super lofty. My new plan is to actually follow through on a dream I had a few years back. Build my own home. I had an obsession around 2017 with watching youtube videos about “tiny homes” and container houses. Thats what I am going to do. Bee and I have set a time frame to save a healthy budget to build a dream home together. With my welding/engineering skills and her design skills we should be on to a winner, shipping container homes can be pretty luxurious if designed properly. I researched the hell out of this when I looked last time so it wasn’t hard to get a general figure of costings for local land, planning permission, containers, footings, fittings, codings etc etc etc.

I noted early on in my blog posts that I needed an almost out of reach dream to aim for or I stagnate. This is a healthy one to aim for and it is actually doable- I am just going to have to work hard, save and skimp hard and research hard. Why not. Worst case scenario I end up with a bunch of savings anyway. Plus, I would be mortgage free before 40 living in my own dream home if all goes to plan.

So yeah, it was during these exciting revelations and conversations that Bee held Rusty as I shaved and washed Rusty's poo covered arse. Who decided getting a dog was a good idea? My other best friends don't piss on my carpet and request I wipe their arse... I think 'Dog's are a mans best friend' is extremely exaggerated.


I have gotten into bed before 12 again. This is a really good sign. I am feeling good.


The above is good not because I managed to get in bed at 12- but because I was tired by 12 and so actually fell to sleep. I am slowly getting back a workable sleep schedule- that was one of my important steps from my counsellor.

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