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Ego is the ENEMY.

I have started working towards my next collaboration.

This time with the marketing pro- Xander.

Biography of a nobody day 51. February 20th 2021.

A quick rundown of my day...

I have had a crazy good day. I have called my Mum and some of my closest friends and proudly told them that my counselling has uplifted me and my counsellor is ready to discharge me.

Bee, Alex and I have been for a walk with Rusty which was nice and fun.

We have done our weekly food shop which was under budget again so we treated ourselves to a McDonalds. Since Bee is a vegetarian and I don't see the point in stocking meat for myself at home- this gives me the rare occasion to pig out on meaty substances. I spent £20 on food for myself. They did forget to put in two of my wraps though... Obviously, I didn't realise until I got home... ugh.

Then my close friend Xander suggested we collaborate on a post for his social media. This is great for me as his social media is vastly more successful and professional than mine. Check out his Instagram here! My favourite post by him so far is the 'Email like a boss' post near the start of his feed. I have made SOOO many of those mistakes.

Biography of a nobody marketing

The collaboration.

Xander and I are going to collaborate with excerpts from a book. The book we have chosen is called Ego is the Enemy and it is written by Ryan Holiday. I will drop an affiliate link to the book at the bottom of this post (Now I know how to affiliate link!- Check out my post on Affiliate linking if you need help).

Xander recommended the book to me and I have found it more valuable than I could have imagined.

The book documents Ryan's own view on how ego has effected his career over the years. It has driven him to be vastly successful in many ways but cost him greatly in others. The book is broken up into three main sections: Aspire. Success. Failure. Ryan then explains how tight your ego's relationship can be with those three things, and ultimately how it is often tied to short term success and long term failure.

This book was an excellent go-between for Xander and me to Collaborate on as he posts a lot about encouraging success at work and I post about mental health. Ego is the enemy ties those two things together very well. Since the book is broken up into three sections Xander thought it would be fun to do three separate carousel posts. One for each section. I post sporadically on Instagram, but I do always posts in threes- so the synergy in that way is also great.

I am not going to hide it... Xander also has MANY MANY more followers than I do- so a little extra traffic would be awesome!

I have not finished the book yet, so I don't want to try and summarise any more than that or give away exactly how the post will be presented- but watch this space- We are hoping to have this done in the next few weeks.

If the book sounds interesting...

So far I have really enjoyed it. I have not finished it yet- but the free intro on Amazon was enough to get me to buy it after Xanders recommendation. I rarely read non-fiction and enjoy it- I often only read non-fiction for work or health. So far though this has been an enjoyable read whilst also being pretty eye-opening to some of the mistakes I make, at work and at home, regarding what is perceived as ego or toxic behaviour- even unintentionally.

As always all- if you follow the link- As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday on Amazon:

Biography of a nobody on amazon

Thanks for reading as always! If you have suggestions for great reads or collaborations- please consider getting in contact with the contact section at the bottom of all of my pages. Catch you tomorrow!

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