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Does the order in which we get dressed represent how we subconsciously feel about our bodies?

Shower thought incoming.

Biography of a nobody shower thoughts

Or -just after a shower thought to be precise.


This is only taking into account my own experience- ignore that I recently binged and reviewed Netflix’s You- I haven’t been watching people get dressed to influence my thoughts here.

What led to my theory:

I just hung some washing to dry and in the process took off the line my favourite boxers and t-shirt. I then went for a shower. After the shower I figured I would head down stairs and wear what I had just taken off the line- which meant I needed to walk past open curtains naked. I went past the window, butt facing it, then went to pick up my clean clothes.

Feeling like eyes were on me- (but knowing they were not)- I quickly put my underwear on, then I put on my t-shirt... since when did I start putting on my t-shirt before my trousers?

I realised I have been doing that for months now- ever since I stopped liking how my upper body looked. That isn’t to say I like my legs, but I am a guy... my legs are meh. I am self conscious about my front upper body. My getting smaller chest, my getting fatter stomach. I still think my back is pretty well defined... but I do think my arms look smaller and so I realise I have been wearing long sleeves much more... do I have something here?

Normally... pre-feeling shit... I would happily walk round the house in my trousers or boxers. No top. Maybe an open dressing gown. Eventually I would put on a t-shirt. I didn’t care if people looked through my window and saw me- hell let em look, I work hard. But now?

Take note of the order in which you put on clothes or take them off...

See if you are covering up the parts of yourself you are most self conscious of first- or uncovering them last. Realise you have trained yourself to do that subconsciously. Ask yourself why you dislike it and what you can do about it. I have now exercised today…

Suppose this may seem pretty straight forward and is likely common knowledge. It just never really occurred to me before as I hadn’t ever been particularly self conscious? Something I need to get back to not being when I can.


Let me know your thoughts on this or a shower thought of yours I can riff with by joining up or commenting. Happy showering. That sounds creepy. Meh.

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