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Chinese medicine.

I am actually talking about a Chinese takeaway here.

Biography of a nobody Chinese takeaway

I can remember the actual traditional Chinese medicine that my ex-wife used to bring back from Hong-Kong though, horrible tasting stuff. Super expensive as well for what looked a bit like soil, twigs and dried flowers. Don't get me wrong it helped my ex-wife feel better but it didn't look or taste like it should have that ability.


Biography of a nobody day 41. February 10th 2021.

I woke up feeling really good even though Bee again spent most of the night coughing and writhing inches from my ear. I am finding that as my mental state improves my sleep has been just a little less restless and I wake up clearer. I suppose I can also attribute that in part to my new glasses as well. I am waking up with fewer headaches too, so that is a bonus.

I found my attention span really hasn't been on my side today. I have attempted to be productive by either writing or researching but I keep sliding onto social media. It wasn't even that I was getting notifications. I started by trying to review Greedfall, which I have been really enjoying, but I found myself jumping onto Reddit after each paragraph. I gave up on the review after an hour of half-heartedly recording my pros and cons then checked on my stocks and crypto. After checking for gains and losses I played with Rusty. I can finally take him on a walk outside tomorrow! It will have been a week since our trip to the vets and his final jabs. After chasing him around the house for a bit, playing tug of war and attempting to instil the fundamentals of 'fetch'- I again started to feel distracted. Bee was working from home so I needed to keep pretty quiet and knew I wasn't up to writing so I pulled out my headset and flicked on the PS4. I set up Greedfall and again kept getting so distracted with social media and random crap that my PS4 entered rest mode. I have no attention span at all today- I think a big part of me wants to be working on the project I brought home yesterday but I need to wait until the workshop is free at the weekend. The other half of me is itching to help make Bee feel better but there is nothing I can do. I kept making her drinks and snacks throughout the day as she did her work on her computer- but that is about all I could do... I feel a bit useless.


Chinese food...

4pm rolled around and Bee said five of the greatest words I have heard in weeks. Do you want a Chinese? We are supposed to be saving and sticking to the budget she made so that we can build our dream home in 2-3 years time. Well, we have spent under budget for the last couple of weeks so we can afford a treat... Let us ignore that I treated us to a Subway yesterday. We set off to our local and Bee phoned in the order. For me, it is Duck chow-main and the English guy classic- sweet and sour chicken Cantonese style. I don't order like someone who was married to a Cantonese woman for years or has spent considerable time across Asia. The reason being, as nice as all the random spicy stuff can be... there is nothing nicer than an old tailored for the British palette classic. I struggled to actually find sweet and sour dishes in Hong-Kong- which is probably a blessing- I tried lots of different things instead. They are big into their fresh food and freshness. The fancier restaurants you go to, or the ones closer to the shore on the more rural side of Hong-Kong, ask you to pick the fish, crustacean or creature you want to be cooked for you- All whilst it is looking at you teary-eyed from its tank or cage. It is quite strange and a very different experience from your microwaved pub meal you can get from the local. It is all super cheap as well! All except for alcohol.

Hong-Kong nightlife...

I haven't drunk alcohol for years, but when I was lucky enough to be invited to the sky bar at the top of the Ritz Carlton hotel, I thought I would have one drink. I wasn't going to miss the chance to have a Guinness in the highest altitude bar in the world. Highest at the time anyway. I am quite a lightweight, due to the lack of drinking for years, which turned out to be a good thing as the one Guinness I had cost me £13. Yep, you heard me right. THIRTEEN POUNDS FOR ONE DRINK. That is pretty uniform for Hong-Kong nightlife as a whole though- If you are a guy. It is something to do with the percentage of Men vs Women that actually go out at night there. To encourage girls to come to their bars- bars offer girls a massively reduced entry fee and cheap drinks- but desperate guys then have to pay extra.

The first time I decided to brave a night out in Hong-Kong I had just returned from a month travelling around Thailand. In Thailand EVERYTHING is cheap- So I pocketed around £100 worth of Hong-Kong dollars (HKD's) and figured I would have an amazing night buying up the bars. After paying for my Taxi, the club entry fee, then A BOTTLE OF WATER for me and a beer for a friend I had around £8 remaining in my wallet. Barely enough for a trip back via the underground- since I left my railcard at the hotel like a numpty. I m sure I will write up Hong-Kong much more extensively at some point on my reviews or rambling pages- regardless of the above- it is easily my favourite city in the world. I have travelled all over the world and I don't think there is anywhere else, other than maybe New-Zealand, that I would consider moving to when the UK gets submerged by the polar ice caps melting in a few years. It is looking like that is more and more possible! I am not exactly helping driving a diesel. Obviously, I am massively exaggerating- but I really do love Hong-Kong.


Wow, I went off on a tangent there. Talk about procrastinating- I clearly don't have my focus back- Though at least I have focussed on writing for an hour, even if it isn't just about my day and I procrastinated a little. Bee went to bed around 8:30pm feeling even more ill than she did this morning if that is even possible. I gave my Brother a call for a catch up then had a productive zoom call again with the guys- I have written this post during that. Dan (Xander) has re-founded his epic marketing Instagram page as Xander hustles instead of Xander Marketing- check it out here. Sam has spent half the evening trying to convince himself he doesn't want the new iPhone as he is an Android user. Even Android users don't like Android, do they? His excuses were pants- I told him to check out the Android event on youtube... Oh, wait... There isn't one. He already has an iMac, iPad and Macbook- my argument was why had he chose them over Android and Microsoft respectively. He said it is because he likes the iOS interface on the computer and his iPad is more reliable for design than an android tablet. Did I really need to identify his own points about why an iPhone would be better for him? He still isn't convinced. Regardless of his terrible phone choices- he was also working on some epic paintings for his awesome artwork Instagram page- check that out here.

I am now in bed and it is 12:36 am. that isn't too bad. Hopefully Bee and I can actually get some sleep tonight and she feels better in the morning.

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