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A trip to the vets.

Healthy dog, healthy blog.

Biography of a nobody trip to the vets

^This is 100% me in 30 more years.

Biography of a nobody day 35. February 4th 2021.

Today started off in a bit of a rush. I had to get Bee to work for 8 then to the vets by 9. All with a 3 year old in tow. I dropped Bee of an got back home and then the first problem arises... Where is Rusty's travel bag? You can't drive with the dog wandering around the car, especially since mine looks like I gave up on life on the inside. Rusty would eat something and die within the first quarter mile. I found the bag with three minutes to spare and we set off to the vets.

Upon arrival I wasn't allowed to enter the vets, I had to call reception and answer some questions then they would come and grab Rusty from me... 'but... I don't want you to see inside my car' I am thinking. I answered the questions relating to whether or not I had covid, then how I thought Rusty was doing. They were impressed he knew how to sit and stay already... I didn't mention it was mostly Bee's doing. Take the compliments whilst you can. I met the Vet halfway across the carpark to save myself embarrassment and nervously passed Rusty over. He is having his last injections and a full once over so that we can finally take him on walks, but I am worried he doesn't know these strangers! He was back to me within 10 minutes and didn't seem bothered at all. Apparently he is doing really well and has a strong bite -(As if I didn't bloody know that one)- the only thing is that he has some earwax that needs moving in one ear. I need to clean his bloody ears as well as shave his arse? (had to do that last week). He now has had more body grooming at 10 weeks than I have at over 30 years. I bought the ear cleaning solution then headed home.

Alex set about winding Rusty up as soon as we were home and he obliged. Clearly the injection didn't bother him much. By the time they both calmed down we had some lunch and then flicked Wreck it Ralph on, one of Alex's favourites. I will say it is one of the better films she likes, Pixar films are a personal favourite of mine.

Bee got home and decided she wanted to paint her nails... This means Alex had to paint her own too. Painting her own nails (with the safe kids version she has) quickly moves on to her painting my nails. Did I say nails? I mean most of my fingers and half my foot. I ended up peeling the stuff off for days.


I put Alex to bed with a story around 8 then Bee and I resumed Alice in Borderland. It is a pretty mad series. Kind of The Hunger Games meets Saw meets Battle Royale. It is based on a manga I have not had the pleasure to read and you can clearly see that it has been produced by a team attempting to translate cool anime characters into people. For the most part so far they really have delivered, it is eerie and brutal whilst quite wacky and fun. The cinematography and stylisation of each character is very anime manga. Clearly it is high budget as well and all filmed in Tokyo- I will review this at some point but for now I will say it is good. We have now finished season one- I believe season two was green lit straight after the first episode aired as it was very popular, so that is a good sign.


I finished the night off with a productive zoom call with the guys. We were chatting about alternative income streams and Patreon got mentioned. I hadn't really considered it before as I am writing for me to help my recovery process. Although I will never assume to get any traffic on this site- where I ramble on about random crap- it wouldn't be too bad to be able to dedicate more time to writing after I return to work. I will look into it tomorrow.

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