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Meet the face behind the posts, Unlucky for you. 

Mini Biography of a nobody.

I think I can sum up myself in a couple of paragraphs by listing some of my loves, my experiences and what I plan to write about, if you like it- think about sticking around. 

In my short time on the earth I have had quite the adventure. Well, I have abruptly arrived in my thirties so short is a matter of perspective.


I have travelled to a couple or more countries in each continent. I have been in love, I have been married and I have been divorced. I am a proud father. I am a devout gamer, film buff, anime watching and book reading nerd. I am also a rock climbing, kayaking, paint balling, gym going adventure outdoorsman and engineer from a farm in the middle of nowhere.


I am me, feel free to watch, listen and interact with the next phases of my world domination plans. 

Man and Baby
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